Do you run and don’t give up? improve your eating habits, .

Physical activity and food are two sources that when perfectly combined bring many health benefits, points out the nutritionist from La Laguna, Kim Nájera.

For greater success and performance in exercise, it is recommended to start with changes in eating habits. To achieve an adequate nutritional state, varied foods must be incorporated, since there is no food that contains all the essential nutrients for our body.

Thus each one contributes, as each nutrient has specific functions for the body. To enjoy good health, our body needs all of them in adequate amounts.

It is advisable to include all the food groups that are: cereals, legumes, fats, fruits, vegetables and foods of animal origin. All should be ingested in a certain amount throughout the week, to achieve a balanced diet.

Recommendations to change eating habits

– Try to maintain a fixed meal schedule, it is recommended to eat every three to four hours with three main meals and snacks.

– Avoid prolonged fasting, as it can stimulate the physiological mechanisms aimed at storing fat.

– Eat avoiding sources of distraction such as cell phones or television.

– Do it slowly, chewing well, this way it will give time for the satiety signals to be activated.

– Serve what you are going to eat on the plate, do not take it from the satin or the center of the table, cut the piece of bread that corresponds to you and thus you will better control the portions.

– Avoid ‘snacking’ between meals and try not to skip any meal.

– Do not let someone else be in charge of serving the pastries and try to reduce the consumption of these foods.

– In the after-dinner, make sure that there is no food left.

– Increase the consumption of natural water.

Lose weight and gain muscle

– Control the portions of your food, use the rule: quality, quantity and frequency.

– Sleep seven to eight hours, not having a good rest generates anxiety and cortisol.

– Avoid sedentary lifestyle, if you miss your workouts do not forget to stay active in your day.

– Take care of carbohydrates, but never eliminate them.

– That your diet is 90% natural, eliminate processed foods.

– Eat good fats such as avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, peanut or almond butter, chia, omegas, nuts.

– On intense exercise days, try to eat a little more than normal.

Recommendations for cooking

– Use techniques to use little fat: cooking on the grill, steamed and in the microwave oven, eliminate the consumption of fried foods.

– Use a soup spoon to control what you eat. A level tablespoon of oil (about 10 grams) is equivalent to 90 kcal.

– Try to remove visible fat from food, for example in meats remove the skin before cooking.

– Do not abuse sauces or battered or breaded.

– Use natural seasonings such as: pepper, bay leaf, clove, cinnamon, vanilla, garlic, etc.

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