Do you remember the Maserati Shamal? Well, he is a few months away from being resurrected …

Maserati Shamal

We have told you several times, but Maserati’s history has gone through a thousand and one vicissitudes. Being one of the oldest firms in the sector is what you have, giving you the opportunity to see better times and others to forget. Now it is in an intermediate point because the arrival of the MC20 has ended the drought of novelties. With everything, it will be the all way Grecale who will give him new wings … More than anything, to get closer to his German rivals.

Nor can we ignore that Stellantis has high hopes for the resurrection of the house of the trident. The reasons for this are many and varied, but this time we are not going to talk about the future that is to come. Today we have to talk about Maserati Shamal, one of the most exclusive vehicles that the Italians put on sale. Do you remember its history? Well you should, because it’s about to resurrect, although not as we would like. Eye…

The Maserati Shamal will come back to life in restomod form thanks to Fuoriserie and Garage Italia …

In case you had forgotten, the Maserati Shamal was the firm’s last model before being acquired by Fiat SpA in 1990. In fact, its official debut took place on December 14, 1989 in Modena under the command of the then owner, Alejandro De Tomaso. Its body was drawn in equal parts by Marcello Gandini and the brand, starting its commercialization in 1990 and ending its history six years later: in 1996.

With everything, you will wonder How many Maserati Shamals were sold? Well, very few, since the figures say that its production did not reach 400 units. To be exact, they stayed around 370, making it a rare bird hard to find. Well, now that you more or less know his life, we will tell you how he can resurrect. The key is in the special preparations department Maserati Fuoriserie Y Garage Italia.

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Everything has been very fast and a bit abrupt, but if you go to the Instagram of Maserati Fuoriserie you will see a video teaser very eclectic. In it you can see a remastered version of the Shamal accompanied by a tantalizing message that reads “I will be back (after the summer break).” If you look closely at the images, they show a bodywork very similar to what we saw in the teasers of the Maserati Project Rekall Concept that we met in November 2020.

We will have to be attentive to what Maserati and Garage Italia do. More than anything, because we are facing a unique and very exclusive model that will surely reach an exorbitant price. This project, although it is within the firm of the trident, will not mean much for their coffers, although it will for their image. Who knows, they still cheer up and electrify it, although what we would like the most is hear your block 3.2 V8 biturbo roar again

Source – Maserati Fuoriserie by Instagram

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