Do you remember Ralliart? Well, Mitsubishi will resurrect it, albeit with a trick

Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Ralliart

The youngest may not remember Ralliart, but this denomination is one of the most mythical in the world of rallies. If I ask about the brand behind it, they may not be able to say what it is either. Would you dare? Games aside, the mitsubishi golden age it seemed to have passed into the background. In fact, it was in April 2010 when those responsible for the house of the three diamonds took their activity to the minimum.

The best proof of his «existential reduction» was seen when Mitsubishi turned it into a sporty trim finish. The Colt Ralliart and Lancer Ralliart were the last models to show off her in Europe and, since they left the market, we had not seen her again. Well, now the situation of the brand is different, especially because it walks hand in hand with Nissan and Renault. Therefore, they have decided resurrect her, albeit with a trick.

Mitsubishi, for now, will resurrect the Ralliart brand for Japan …

Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart ZC3 2008

Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart ZC3 2008

It has been during the presentation of the financial results of the year 2020 when Mitsubishi has given the surprise. Reviewing the documentation that they have presented to their shareholders is when we have realized their intentions. If you take a look at the attached document, you will see that on page 25 there is the intention to bring the Ralliart brand back to life. Along with the ad, there are two images showing what they would be working on.

In the first we see a Ralliart version of the Mitsubishi L200. The second is more complex to understand, as it looks like the rear window of the latest Ralliart version of the Lancer. Be that as it may, it has not lost an iota of its corporate identity, especially for its logo and colors. In fact, according to the document we have had access to, Ralliart, In the first moment, will resurrect as a manufacturer of sports parts and accessories.

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And so far we can read, because the information that has emerged in the heat of this report is more rumors and conjectures than facts consolidated or confirmed by the brand. If we combine this data with the images, we can understand that Mitsubishi could be preparing new models focused on high performance. The L200 could be one of the beneficiaries, although it remains to be seen if it will be within the range or will it be an independent version.

Another piece of information that we did not like has to do with the “theoretical” scope of the brand. It looks like, Ralliart’s first steps will be limited to the main eastern markets. We will have to be aware, because knowing that the brand will stay in Europe with Renault models, this combination would be very exclusive and exotic. I don’t know about you, but I like this idea, and a lot… What do you think…?

Source – Mitsubishi – Mitsubishi Motors announces full year financial results for FY2020 – Presentation material

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