The first decade of this century brought us a lot of musical surprises, as several women appeared in the industry that completely broke it. One of them was Duffywho in 2008 she became famous thanks to her popular single “Mercy”, many pointed out that she would be one of the most important stars in the future, However, from one day to the next things changed.

After releasing his second studio album, Endlessly in 2010 and releasing the single “Whole Lot of Love” five years later, the welsh singer disappeared from the public eye without saying anything else. For a long time many things were speculated – there were those who dared to say that he had died – because nobody understood how it is that halfway to fame his career disappeared.

Duffy is back with a new song called

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Duffy’s hard case

The rumors ended in February 2020, when Duffy opened an Instagram account to clarify why he had decided to stay away from the spotlight all this time. and it was for something that completely changed his life, because the singer revealed that she was drugged, raped and even kidnapped for a few days, so these years he was recovering from that terrible experience.

As the months passed, the artist decided to return to do what she likes the most, to compose music. In March he shared a new song on the Jo Whiley program on BBC Radio 2, which is still unreleased and was called “Something Beautiful”. But now and a few days after turning 36, is officially back with a beautiful song called “River In The Sky”.

Duffy is back with a new song calledDuffy is back with a new song called

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In her we can hear Duffy singing like the angels themselves, reminding us of that spectacular voice (which many compared to Amy Winehouse) with which he conquered the world. With just a piano accompanying her, the singer manages to pluck your skin, while the lyrics tell us that better days will come after everything we are going through.

But enough talking and let’s move on to what we all care about, music. Start the weekend with a great attitude listening to “River In The Sky”, Duffy’s new track: