For Daniel goleman, Doctor of Psychology from Harvard University, influencing refers to the ability to “convey your argument to key people in a convincing way, especially to those people whose decisions can help you achieve your goals”, therefore, the social and professional circle in which you move takes on a fundamental role to achieve your goals.

In accordance with Jim rhon, author and motivational speaker, we are the average of the 5 people with whom we mainly interact, that is to say that we unconsciously adopt patterns of behavior, clothing, thinking and habits both positive and negative of those around us. Therefore, the people close to you influence your personal and professional development, as they can drive you to take action, make you see mistakes and advise you to achieve your goals.

One way to achieve this in a professional way is through Coaching, defined as « the art of asking questions to help other people through learning, in exploring and discovering new beliefs that result in the achievement of their objectives » , according to the European School of Coaching.

While that ability can help boost your personal or professional development, I share additional benefits that you can obtain by effectively persuading your key audience:

Establish objectives and jointly carry out an action plan to achieve them.

Expand your vision and perspective.

Identify limiting beliefs and work on them.

Generate commitments and motivate yourself to fulfill them.

Modify behaviors that prevent you from meeting your goals.

Enhance your skills, knowledge and talents.

Provide you with support and follow-up through concrete actions.

Remember that to achieve your goals you must be creative in the way you convince or persuade your environment, with this you will avoid imposing any decision or idea and you will be able to positively influence the actions of others. Don’t forget that if you want to fly like an eagle, don’t swim with ducks.