Infiniti’s Drive Therapy campaign was created by the CPB agency for a global audience

The original concept was devised in Japan and has been implemented in all of the company’s markets

In addition to YouTube, you can find this experience on other social and official channels of the automaker.

Trying to adapt to quarantined audiences has been a challenge for business. Even if it is true that many people are returning to the streets thanks to the reopening of the economies, a good part is still at home to reduce the risk of contagion. In this sense, it is still complex to create unique campaign experiences to connect the brand with the public in an effective way. But that has not stopped some companies from experimenting.

A notable example is that of the automaker Infiniti. Through a statement, the company has just launched a new campaign. The goal of this activation is to give your audience a « sensory management experience ». In other words, make users feel that they are driving their car, without having to leave their home. The idea is that people do not forget how it feels to “enjoy those moments that we lived when driving our vehicles”.

The campaign can be experienced through YouTube. The brand created two videos for this sensory project, for its QX50 and QX80 models. It is really short content, where some written instructions, stock images of the cars and the track that imitates some iconic driving sounds are mixed. For example, the doors of the car opening and closing, how the engine starts, the air that runs next to the car and environmental details:

Is an experience campaign effective?

Interestingly, Infiniti is not the only company that has decided to create a similar activation. Rival Audi produced a four-hour car trip through central Australia, so people could travel without leaving home. Also Apple, before the health crisis became a concern, released a campaign / virtual tour of one of the largest museums in Russia. Microsoft and the NBA, for their part, are seeing how to have a digital audience.

Related Notes

Taking these cases into account, can it be said that virtual experiences are a good idea to connect with audiences in the midst of a quarantine? It is certainly a type of campaign that had not been given much attention before the pandemic. There were already some projects before the crisis, but right now they are really taking off. Compared to other of the more usual promotional formats, they attract attention and are a very attractive change.

On the other hand, most of the initiatives so far have been relatively simple. Nowadays companies have at their disposal Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual, as well as a host of tools and sensors on the public’s smartphones. It seems very simple just to record a video with some sounds and present a campaign. Although this is a step in the right direction, brands lack ambition to achieve better initiatives.

Other strategies to connect with the audience remotely

Along with the experience campaign, brands have used other formats, some much simpler, to have valuable interaction with consumers. Companies like Apple have opted for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to improve engagement. In Heineken’s case, he’s betting on calling a responsible return to normal. And for brands like Pedigree, the answer is in video calls and personal projects.

But industry experts have different views on how brands should create a campaign to maximize audience interaction. According to Builder, there is the option to increase the quality and investment in content and influencers through the networks. AdRoll points out that apart from this it is advisable to support the community in difficult times. According to Relief Web, it is crucial to review the efficiency of communication protocols and strategies.