Do you know what EGOLAND is? Find out everything about the Rust server

Regular users of the Twitch platform will know exactly what the word of the moment means: Egoland. But to people outside the world of ‘streamers’ this term may sound like Chinese. Therefore, in this article, we tell you everything you need to know to stay up to date on the event that is sweeping the world of video games.

Egoland is a private server for the video game Rust. A great event in which the most famous streamers of the Spanish-speaking community participate, with The Rubius Y aLexBY11, as main organizers. Ibai Llanos, Auronplay, Grefg and Outconsumer are some of the headliners.

For lovers of the world of television, Egoland would become a ‘reality show’ within a video game, since the followers of these ‘streamers’ can see through their Twitch broadcasts how they are playing and how they relate to each other. Each direct has its point of view, as if it were each of the cameras in the ‘Big Brother’ house. The dynamics and reactions of the watching players are totally spontaneous.



What is Rust about?

Rust is a survival video game in which each player begins naked and with a stone at a random point on a desert island. Little by little, the user will have to unlock objects and improvements to survive, but covering their backs, since the rest of the players are the main danger.

In Rust there are no pausesWhen you stop playing, the character is still on the island and the rest of the users can kill him to steal his objects. When you return, you would have to start from scratch.

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Egoland’s rules

To make the event more entertaining, Egoland has set a series of rules outside the game itself. No role-playing is necessary and information is allowed from Twitch chat. It is forbidden to play more than eight hours a day and players can only raid two houses every 24 hours – in the case of deciding to loot a building, the owner must be connected to the server. Also, during the first 48 hours property cannot be raided.

For now, the more than 76 ‘streamers’ who participate in this game have created different alliances to help you survive. At the moment there are already 13 teams formed, although there are also ‘lone wolves’ who do not trust anyone.

Egoland’s success

Egoland started on January 3 at 8 p.m., although a day before it was already a trend on social networks. In fact, the obsession with this event was such that that January 2 Rust reached the highest peak of concurrent users in its history.

Thanks to Egoland, Rust was the most consumed category of Twitch live broadcasts on the night of January 3 with one million simultaneous viewers.

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