“Do you know that the known bad is better?”

This weekend, political parties have been striving to make the most of the last hours of the electoral campaign in Madrid. The presidential candidates have not stopped rushing rallies in which they have been surrounded by the most prominent figures of their party. In the case of the current president and candidate, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, which has had the support of the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, as well as the mayor of Madrid and national spokesman for the party, José Luis Martínez-Almeida. One of these events also featured the intervention of the president of New Generations of the PP, Bea fanjul, whose lapse in defending Ayuso has gone viral on the networks.

“The truth is that I have decided to improvise, but every time I improvise I think I scare the staff “, he warned before his speech, which has already become a trending topic.

The leader of the young wing of the PP began her speech praising the role of the Madrid president in national politics, as well as its management in the coronavirus health crisis. “Who has been the first person to stand up to the Government of Sánchez? Who has been the first person, not only to create a hospital, but two, for our patients? Ayuso,” Fanjul has defended.

In your opinion, “Ayuso is Lady Madrid. Ayuso is a woman with capital letters. It is that it is not necessary to experiment more “, has continued.

However, his intervention was twisted when he made the following slip: “You know what they say: better known bad what good to know? Well that. That’s Ayuso“, has said.

Then his face changed completely upon realizing the gaffe, which was also received amid timid applause from those attending the rally.