These weeks, when Nicaragua experiences the most difficult phase of the Covid-19 pandemic with community contagion and the curve of rising cases, the main recommendation is to avoid, to the extent possible, visits to hospitals. That is, if your condition is not an emergency and you can treat it from home, do it. However, if you don’t have a choice, you should take steps before you leave home to reduce your risk of getting it.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) assured on June 16 that in the country there had been up to that date 1,823 infections and 64 deaths from the virus, but these data do not show the reality that Nicaragua lives or that reported by independent associations such as the Citizen Observatory of Covid-19, which until June 10 accounted for 4,971 suspected cases and 1,169 suspected deaths from this disease.

Specialists have said on several occasions that medical centers represent a dangerous focus to acquire any virus, therefore, Dr. MarĂ­a Elena Urbina, a pediatric pulmonologist, offers the following recommendations that you should take into account if your visit to the hospital cannot wait :

Always wear a mask and protective glasses or masks.
If your hair is long you should either pick it up or cover it with a hat, scarf or kerchief.
Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants and closed shoes.
Carry liquid or gel alcohol or hand sanitizer with you.
If you are an adult and fit, go to the consultation only. If your condition is not stable, go with a companion.
Children must be carried by a parent or caregiver, taking the aforementioned measures. In children under three years of age, do not put on face masks.
When you return home, disinfect yourself, change your clothes and take a bath if you can.

The The first positive case of coronavirus in Nicaraguan territory was confirmed on March 18, However, before, medical associations had recommended – and continue to do so – basic actions to reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 and thus reduce the burden onThe poor health system so that it does not collapse, in addition also by the indifference of the national authorities to approve prevention policies and on the contrary to promote massive activities.

The Covid-19 globally

To date, no laboratory in the world has managed to create the vaccine that prevents the spread of Covid-19, so prevention is the only way, for now. Quarantine or social distancing are the most effective forms, accompanied by frequent washing of hands with soap and water.

Globally, the number of infections is 8.3 million and the deaths reach 450,686, reported on the afternoon of this Friday, June 19, the website of the World Health Organization (WHO).