Do you have Telegram? Soon it will no longer work on these cell phones

The options for messaging applications are several, including Telegram, if in your case you installed it on your phone, you should know that there are some models in which it will stop working, so you must take the necessary measures.

And it is that many users moved from WhtsApp to Telegram because the first recently updated its use policies, which caused many people to decide to protect their data and make the change.

We tell you which phones it will stop working on. Photo: Pixabay

You should know that Telegram also updates its security policies from time to time, in addition to the list of cell phones that are compatible with this messaging application. It recently published on its official page the devices that will no longer receive the updates, this due to an incompatibility problem with the operating system, either Android or iOS.

What is the reason?

The incompatibility of Telegram with some devices is due to the fact that the internal codes vary according to how the devices are created, the Android or iOS terminals need more resources to operate.

But you should know that this will not be done immediately, but will be progressively, this in order not to affect the users of this instant messaging platform.

What cell phones will not be compatible?

In general, they are the ones that were launched 5 years ago, either due to their internal components or simply their operating system, we leave you the list:

In the case of Android cell phones, only those with Android 4.1 and higher will be able to continue using the application. Regarding iPhone, cell phones that have iOS, there will only be compatibility with devices from 9.0 to higher. On devices that have Windows it will work without any problem so far. In the case of Telegram Web, it can be used from Windows, macOS and Linux computers.

To be more specific, cell phones are: Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Google’s Galaxy Nexus or Sony’s Xperia S. In the case of the iPhone are the iPhone 3S, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S.

Now that you know which phones it will stop working on, just find out if your cell phone is on the list so that this update does not take you by surprise and you can take the necessary measures.

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