Do you have savings? We tell you 4 options to invest and win

Having savings to cover an emergency is very important since we never know when an extraordinary situation may occur. But saving has many benefits, for example, using that money to invest and generate profits.

Another benefit of having savings is that you do not need to request a loan or credit to have the cash, you just have to resort to the money you have to get out of the situation in which you find yourself without having to borrow more. If you are thinking of investing your savings, we give you 4 options to do so.

Tips to invest your money. Photo: My Pocket 1. Financial certificates

These represent a low investment risk, so they could be a good option for your money, but before doing so you must verify that they come from a recognized entity. The interests depend a lot on the market and what they have projected for the future.

Another thing that you should take into account is the terms to which the money will be placed, they can be 30, 60 and 90 days, the longer it is, the interest will decrease.

2. State bonds

They are offered through the Stock Exchange and are issued by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, they also represent a low risk to invest your money. One of the benefits is that they pay a higher rate because the investment term is higher.

3. Investment funds

This is a method that brings together several investors with the aim of generating profits, one of the most recommended are real estate investment funds, which give the opportunity to be co-owners of properties that have a high value and with a low investment. This would allow generating income from the rents that are charged and the capital gain of the properties in the long term

4. Shelter assets

Another option is safe haven assets, which are investments in which money is generally not lost and a profit can be made, such as the dollar, gold or precious metals.

Whichever option you choose, the most important thing is that you have savings for the future. Remember that it is better to prevent any unforeseen situation.

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