Do you have problems due to the shortage of graphics cards?

The shortage of graphics cards that the new cryptocurrency boom has plunged us into has had an enormous impact, so much so that I would dare to say, without fear of being wrong, that this time it was even bigger than the one that occurred with the previous Bitcoin bubble.

I remember back then, when Bitcoin skyrocketed in value, and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum followed suit, it was almost impossible to find high-end graphics cards, like the GTX 1070 and above, and the Radeon RX Vega 56 and above, but at least the mid-range was relatively stable. Yes, their prices were very inflated, but we could find stock.

Now, by contrast, the problem is not that prices have skyrocketed, but rather that it is almost impossible to buy a graphics cardUnless we look directly at the low end, made up of models like the GTX 1050 Ti and RX 550.

This reality led us to share with you two special articles that had, as an objective, help you overcome the situation The best way possible. In this guide we saw a selection of cheap but powerful graphics cards, which can move games in 1080p without problems, and in this other article we gave you five tips to face the shortage of graphics cards that we currently live.

graphics card shortage

How has the graphics card shortage affected you?

That is the question of our opinion article today, where the protagonists are, once again, you, our readers.

As always, I start by “getting wet” first. In my case it has not affected me directly, but yes indirectly. This Christmas they asked me for help to set up several PCs, and most of them were aimed at kids who had been asking for a gaming team for a long time.

I had already chosen components and even peripherals for most of them, but the rapid drain on the graphics card market forced me to scrap it all. I had no problem explaining the situation to the people who asked me for help, they all preferred to wait until the middle of the year, to see if the situation normalizes, rather than pay a nonsense of money.

It’s a shame because, in the end, the end user has ended up experiencing a problem that is not new. We already live a Bitcoin bubble, and I am very afraid that we find ourselves before another bubble whose result will be, broadly speaking, the same that we saw after the puncture of the first one. The value of Bitcoin may not drop that much this time, but I think its end will be the same.

Now it is your turn, has the shortage of graphics cards affected you? We read each other in the comments.