Do you have a girlfriend? Maluma fans suspect that he has a possible love

Do you have a girlfriend?  Maluma fans suspect that he has a possible love (EFE)

Do you have a girlfriend? Maluma fans suspect he has a possible love | .

For several months, the reggaeton Maluma has intrigued his millions of followers about his love life and recently circulated a photo of the artist with his possible love something that of course has shocked social networks.

In recent weeks the rumors about the love life of the Colombian singer Maluma and his alleged relationship with Susana gomez.

And now, the followers of the reggaeton speculate about the relationship of both for a photograph in which the singer is seen accompanied by Gómez at the wedding of the artist Tatiana Ospina.

Tatiana shared the photo on her Instagram stories and as soon as it was published, Maluma’s followers exploited the networks with doubts, rumors and unknowns that assured that the singer had a love relationship with the architect Susana.

In the comments on Maluma’s photographs, comments related to his alleged relationship with the woman are read and some say that he looks good with a partner and others say that he looks better alone.

Now you might wonder who it is Susana gomezIt is a woman who stole the heart of the interpreter from Hawaii, well, last August a gossip page was in charge of collecting information and disclosed the identity of Susana Gómez, in addition to some photographs of her private Instagram accounts .

It is worth mentioning that for several months it has been rumored about the new romance of the Colombian singer Maluma with Susana Gómez, who also shares nationality with the artist. Although neither of them has spoken to confirm or deny their relationship.

It was last August when a gossip page was in charge of collecting information and disclosed the identity of Susana Gómez, as well as some photographs of her private Instagram accounts.

Susana is not a recognized supermodel like those that the singer’s followers are used to seeing accompanying, but it seems that it was the woman who stole his heart, leaving Natalia Barulich, his ex-partner, in the past.

It should be noted that Susana is known to be a friend of Maluma She has been an architect for several years and has nothing to do with show business. In addition, he announced that he recently divorced.

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The last photograph of the couple was taken by paparazzi and Maluma can be seen with Susana Gómez walking through Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California.

They were hugging and the singer took his cell phone to take selfies while having breakfast in a bar, both wore a batik diver with the inscription Hawaii, the last song released by the musician.

Despite the fact that the photographs together would be the confirmation of the romance, the interpreter of ‘Cuatro Babys’ has denied having a sentimental relationship with Susana gomez on several occasions.

Even days before the release of his most recent album, “Papi Juancho”, Maluma said that he was not in a relationship, after several journalists asked him about Susana.

However, on one occasion Maluma He insisted that he is fully focused on his music career currently.

I don’t have a new girlfriend, Daddy Juancho doesn’t fall in love with a bullet, it’s more the one who falls in love with me, I’d say to him ‘baby you’re asking heaven for a devil, you’re asking me for sun when it’s cold, love is not for me necessary, better from your path I turn aside ‘; we are in the race ”, assured the singer Paisa.

On the other hand, it is worth remembering the scandal between Neymar, Natalia Barulich and Maluma that a few months ago was on everyone’s lips.

The controversy began when Neymar Jr. and other players from the French team celebrated their triumph against RB Leipzig, in the semifinals of the Champions League, singing the song Hawaii, a song that for several weeks was composed by the memory that Maluma still keeps of Natalia Barulich.

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