During these months of confinement, pets have become accustomed to sharing with their owners almost 24 hours a day. It has been a real dream for them, especially for cats and dogs. That is why, during the de-escalation stage of confinement and as people return to their pre-pandemic activities and routine, pets may experience episodes of anxiety, stress and sadness as a result of separation. Going back to spending long hours alone at home is not going to be easy for them, so it is essential to put into practice some tips to make this process easier.

Stress and anxiety about separation

Many pets may experience anxiety and stress from separation from their owners. In the end, they got used to spending almost 24 hours a day with their humans for several months. That is why it is not surprising that they develop certain behaviors typical of that emotional state: barking, crying, aggressiveness, peeing, among others.

The good news is that certain strategies can be put into practice to make the separation process less cumbersome. Further, You can use a number of products on the market, which can be of great help in reducing stress and anxiety levels. This is the case of the Adaptil Anti-stress Collar that is available in the Corte Inglés. This collar is a very effective tranquilizer for situations that are stressful for the animal.

The anti-stress collar can be combined with the Adaptil Tranquilizer Spray, perfect for dogs to be much calmer while the owners are away from home. Both the spray and the collar help the animal not adopt destructive behaviors such as crying, damage, excessive barking and whining. Too it is advisable to opt for tranquilizers, diffusers and refills, all available in The English Court.

Using toys with your pet

A good way to make your pet a little calmer after your absence is with the use of toys that require concentration and motivate him to play. Even some of these toys, your best friend may consider an award for being left alone, and the experience won’t be that uncomfortable for him. Food toys with a great choice.Pets behind the coronaivrus

How to avoid the shock of separation?

Combining the above products with progressive separation strategies is key so that pets do not suffer as much. An idea is start leaving them alone for shorter periods of time. Then, extend the hours, so that little by little they get used to it. They can also be left alone for a few minutes in certain rooms of the house.

Gradual absence from home is important so that the impact of separation is not so great. We can start by putting on our coat or jacket and taking the keys to leave the house. The animal will interpret that its owner will be absent. Then leave for a few minutes and return. The goal is to gradually get used to spending, again, several hours a day alone.

Before returning to normality and routine prior to the coronavirus, it is important that you begin to accustom your pet to spending, again, several hours alone at home. To avoid that process generating stress and anxiety, it is essential that you combine gradual separation strategies together with the calming and anti-stress products that you can easily obtain on the El Corte Inglés website.