Sliminazer slimming patches and other brands are one of the most sought after on Amazon.

Do they work? It depends on your expectations, they won’t make you lose weight if you just put the patch on. What can be achieved with some consistency is to reduce volume, (and if you accompany them with a diet and some exercise, facilitate weight loss).

Slimming patches are cheap and they can be a help to lose weight, (but not ‘precisely’ because of the patch), in Periodista Digital we tell you more details.

What are the slimming patches?

The weight loss industry achieves millionaire figures and every month a new product or format comes out that is advertised as ‘slimmer’. Patches are the latest trend, consists of an adhesive patch that can be placed on the belly, thighs or arms.

They work from transdermal form, similar to other patches (such as hormonal ones). The active ingredients are absorbed through the skin sin passing through the digestive system. This is a big difference between diet supplements and patches.

Among the usual ingredients in this type of patches are:

Green tea

The coffee


Acai berries

Flax oil

Hokuto mint

Bitter orange

Do the slimming patches work?

The above active ingredients have slimming properties, it can facilitate weight loss or accelerate metabolism, but the truth is that their effects are minimal. There is no scientific evidence that guarantee that these patches lose weight.

Slimming patches work

On the other hand. as they are not regulated products by the FDA (North American Food and Medicines Agency), or by the EMA (European Medicines Agency, or EFSA, European Food Safety Authority).

It is not possible to know its potential risks or side effects. This depends on the amount of substance than wear each patch.

Basically its effect equal to or less than a slimming supplement (which being in pill or pill carry more amount of active ingredient).

What changes is that the effect is concentrated in a certain area, while a weight loss supplement does not act in a localized way.

slimming patches

On Amazon you can find reviews of all kinds. Many users of these patches comentan that they have lost volume or centimeters. Although you also find opinions that affirm that they have not served them at all.

Can they be an aid to lose weight? The truth is that yes, but perhaps more from the placebo effect than the patch. In general, when someone decides to use one of these patches, it will not be the only thing they do to lose weight.

You will try to take care of your diet a little more, for example eating less carbohydrates You will probably do a little more exerciseUse anti-cellulite creams daily Measure or weigh yourself often, which reveals that you are very aware of your weight.

All these actions together can consolidate a firm will to lose weight, and with the perseverance to lose weight. In this case, the patch may just be a trigger. But if what you expect when buying one of these patches is to use them and in a week to be in a size 38, better not buy them, you will be disappointed.

slimming patches

Don’t be fooled by ‘before-after’ photos where someone seems to have lost a ton of weight using patches (or any other product).

No weight is lost for a product, but for making changes in lifestyle, (diet, exercise, sleep better, control anxiety etc.).

Which slimming patches are hitting Amazon?

If you apply any of these patches and notice burning in the area or some other side effect, remove the patch and do not use them.

As I used to say when not being regulated, the amount of ingredients is possible for some people it is safe, but for others it causes some reaction.

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