The teacher Ramón Orlando reacted to an audio that circulates on the social networks of a alleged conversation between Luis Abinader’s campaign manager, Roberto Fulcar and pastor Dio Astacio, where Fulcar expressed disagreement that the opposition candidate signs a document in favor of Christian values, delivered by a group of pastors.

During the conversation, Roberto Fulcar clarifies to Pastor Astacio that this document, of which its content is not clearly detailed, could be detrimental to Abinader, because they could lose the support of the liberals.

In the alleged dialogue, Fulcar made the accusation that « most of these bishops and pastors criticize gay marriage but accept corruption, drug trafficking, crime, impunity, theft, influence peddling, counterfeiting, everything, everything… ”.

Before this conversation, Ramón Orlando sent a message, which he described as « No, the devil … », where he tells people to vote for any candidate, except for who is against what « Christ has taught us ».

« There is a man who says that we evangelicals are crap and that he prefers liberals instead of evangelicals« Ramón Orlando began by referring to Fulcar. « I was sad to see him put his foot on my brother Dio Astacio’s, whom I love so much. »

The singer wondered if the evangelicals are really going to vote for an individual “who does not love Christ, who is one of those who has in mind that he is going to order that the boys in the schools wear skirts and that the men marry. with men and I imagine he is planning to remove the bible from the flag. « 

“If you want to vote for Gonzalo, vote; if you want to vote for Abinader, vote; if you want to vote for Leonel, vote. Vote for whoever you want, but do not vote for someone who is against what Christ has taught us, ”said the merenguero in a video posted on his Instagram account.

He also made it clear that he does not like corruption, as he hears himself say in the circulating audio: “Neither thieves enter, nor what use drugs enter, nor the effeminate enter. The bible says that« 

The artist clarified that he has nothing against homosexuals, since he has many friends like that, but « they don’t mess with anyone. »

The teacher invited evangelicals to defend Christ and the Bible: « Do not vote for anyone who is against Christ that you are an evangelical, better not vote na ‘ ».