April 24, 2020 Clement Garin was delighted to have signed for an additional season in Touche pas à mon poste (C8). “Happy to announce that I will be present in the 11th season of #TPMP from September on @ C8TV. Thank you @Cyrilhanouna for renewing your confidence in me!”, Wrote the media expert on Twitter. Unfortunately, his return to school did not go as he had imagined due to an illness he suffers from.

Since his return to school on C8 on September 2, the Agenais has had very little presence around the table of TPMP columnists. An absence that many viewers of the channel have noticed. Faced with many questions from his subscribers, Clément Garin made the decision to explain himself on Twitter. The opportunity to reveal the evil that is eating away at him.

“I should have been present on September 9 and 16, but I canceled my attendance at the last moment, for the same reason that I kept secret for a long time, but that I now want to talk about publicly “, first wrote the young man of 23 years. He then explained that he had often been pointed out that he did not stand well on his seat, that he was “slumped on the table” or that he often touched his lower back “while checking that the camera was not connected to [lui]”. Gestures he made to hide his pain. But for some time now they have become “unbearable“.” In recent weeks, they have become more pronounced and take me to bed almost daily. I have fibromyalgia, an unrecognized disease that is characterized by intense muscle pain, unbearable headaches, various digestive disorders and chronic fatigue. With each of my performances in TPMP, I give the image of someone amorphous, unfriendly, lazy. This is not the image I want to give of myself, but the three hours on the train exhaust me and only accentuate my daily pains, which are, moreover, always stronger in the evening ” , continued Clément Garin.

“Increasingly disabling leg pain”

It is therefore more and more difficult for him to hide it. And now he has to get used to living with “terrible back pain” or “increasingly disabling leg pain”. Because unfortunately, no treatment can cure him of this disease. He still hopes to feel a little better in order to soon find the public in Touche pas à mon poste and Cyril Hanouna. The 45-year-old presenter also gave him his support. “My Clem, we are sending you strength! And your place is waiting for you next Wednesday,” he wrote to her. Words that will bring additional strength to Clément Garin.