“Do not say outside the field what is spoken inside”

It is not the first time Juan Cala is in the eye of the hurricane. Some racist insults from the player of the Cadiz toward Diakhaby reported by the player of the Valencia have made her one of the protagonists of the last day of The league. However, it is not the first time that Cala has been involved in a dialectical incident on the pitch. You just have to go back to 2016, when he was a player of the Getafe, to remember the episode with Aduriz and Gurpegui.

That year, Cala was sent off at Getafe-Athletic when he saw the second yellow card in the 89th minute of the game after pushing an opponent. After the meeting, he explained what happened on social networks. “Now that this soccer player Codes is fashionable, several things: First, not to say what is being said outside the field and that I am not going to skip, and I am not going to say everything that both Gurpegui and Aduriz have told me. , it is so ugly that I will not say it, there are limits that are not exceeded “he commented.

“Second, as a professional colleague and for the sake of football you cannot constantly provoke for 90 minutes by running close to you and by putting your hand on his chest to pretend Aduriz that he has been attacked to seek expulsion”Cala continued. “Third, soccer is a game of contact. Today it was considered that Mr. Aduriz has won in other football and has been clever to pretend … That’s the sad thing about all this! “.

Two years later, in 2018, Cala and Aduriz met again and the television cameras witnessed a conversation between them during the match, in which Aduriz reproached him for his publication on social networks two years ago. “Type it, type it after the game one thing on Twitter. After the whole game, I’ll be watching. It’s what you do “.