“Do not pick up the phone”

The daughter of Antonio David Flores and Rocío Carrasco, Rocío Flores, had to leave the Survivors set this Tuesday due to a crying attack caused by the words he heard from his father’s wife, Olga Moreno.

The woman, who competes in the reality show in Honduras, spoke in a video about how the childhood of David and Rocío Flores was. “I have raised them as if I were their mother … but there is only one mother “Olga Moreno said of Rocío Carrasco’s children.

“I wish they could talk to her [con Rocío Carrasco], I wish he would pick up the phone, it would make his father and me very excited“, said Moreno, who assured that children”they call it mother’s day, the day of kings … but the usual, he does not pick up the phone “.

“The boy and Rocío they always give me something (for Mother’s Day) “, said Antonio David’s wife, who assured that she had her own son” because of Rocío, who told me that she wanted another child. “

After those words, in which Olga Moreno assured that she does not distinguish between her son, whom she “gave birth to” from the other two, David and Rocío, her husband’s children, Rocío Flores was moved.

“Olga has not given birth to me, but she is a fundamental person in my life and I have a lot to thank her for. If I have become the person I am, she has been part of thatHe has taught me a lot, I am very grateful to him “, said Rocío Flores.

At the end of a break, Carlos Sobera, the presenter of Survivors, had to explain the young woman’s absence: “Rocío Flores is not with us because she has fallen a bit down. He will recover quickly, I hope and wish. “

So it was and soon Rocío Flores he returned to take his place in the armchair of collaborators.