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These are the 7 elements of the car that must be checked in summer, according to the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) through its social networks.

The DGT, as usual in these times, has used the power of dissemination of social networks to warn of the 7 elements of the car to check in summerEspecially if you are going to take a long road trip for a well-deserved vacation. Thus, the General direction of traffic It seeks to reduce the number of vehicles that suffer breakdowns each year while traveling, a number it sets at 1.7 million.

There are different sections that should be reviewed at least during the summer or before going on a long trip. These are basic parts of your car that you can check yourself, or go to a specialized workshop for qualified professionals to determine the condition of the vehicle and advise you to replace any defective or worn parts.

The DGT warns of the 7 elements of the car that must be checked in summer

Tires: check its condition and that of the spare wheel. The tread should be at least 1.6mm deep, with a non-cut tread and regular wear. The pressure should be checked cold and taking into account the load
Fluid level: coolant, brake and steering fluid, windshield wiper, engine oil … The level of all of them should be checked with the engine stopped, cold and with the car off-plan.
Drums– With the terminals tight and rust-free and the liquid filling each cell and no leaks, our battery is ready for the ride.
Brakes: check the pads, after 25,000 kilometers (approximate figure) they must be replaced, and check the brake discs.
Suspension: has a useful life of 75,000 kilometers. After this time, the vehicle becomes more unstable when cornering.
Lights: adjust the height, check that they are not melted and clean them so that they project well.
Air-conditioning: For a comfortable ride, the temperature of the vehicle should not exceed 23 degrees. Check the air conditioner, gas charge and filter to avoid fatigue and subsequent increased reaction time.

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