DNA reports directly implicate Samuel Luiz’s two main assailants

Protest for the murder of Samuel in Coruña. (Photo: NurPhoto via .)

The Government delegate in Galicia, José Miñones, has indicated this Monday that the Judicial Police has delivered two DNA reports to the judge that “directly implicate the two main perpetrators of the events” that ended the life of Samuel Luiz.

Miñones explained this after the lifting of the summary secret, during an appearance at the headquarters of the Government Delegation in Galicia, in which he reported on the investigation of the crime of the 24-year-old young man who was beaten to death in the early morning of July 3 in A Coruña.

In addition, the delegate has specified that the police investigation has 36 testimonial evidence and has said that the attack lasted “six fatal minutes”, since it began at 2.58 hours and ended at 3.04 hours. Commissioner Pedro Agudo has confirmed that DNA profiles were found after the analysis of Samuel’s own body, the deceased’s clothes and the glass bottle ”which, according to what he stated, was also used to attack Samuel.

Of the six detainees, three remain in provisional prison, one has been released with appearances in court and two minors have been admitted to a center.

Thus, Agudo has specified that they have been studying the involvement of two objects in the attack for a long time: a metallic one that they have not yet identified and the aforementioned glass bottle, which “we think was broken against the victim,” he remarked.

Regarding the other unknown to be resolved, he has detailed that they searched the house of the minor who has a record and found a metallic object that is not a brass knuckles, as he has clarified. They are still awaiting the result of the DNA test for this article.

The Police have revealed in a note that several witnesses to the attack on Samuel Luiz saw a person with “a knife that he took out of the front pocket” of his pants and who kicked the victim while he was on the ground.

Null collaboration

In the intervention, Agudo has defended that the cause of Samuel’s death was blows to the head. “There is no single material author. They are various. The autopsy speaks of several blows that are the ones that produce the head trauma that caused Samuel’s death, ”he stressed.

The detainees are also being investigated for two crimes against the integrity of life (homicide or murder, to be confirmed during the investigation): one carried out against Samuel Luiz and the other attempted against the Senegalese Ibrahima Diack.

Miñones has specified that Ibrahima, who obtained the residence permit just for having tried to help Samuel, covered the victim “with his body” receiving “attacks that could end his life.”

On the other hand, Agudo has said that “the collaboration of the detainees has been null,” except for the fourth, also investigated for allegedly keeping Samuel’s mobile phone. However, this one appeared at first at the police station as a witness and “did not tell the truth,” he explained.

Regarding the others, he said that “the detainees wanted to testify but when they interviewed their lawyers they did not.” This is what the commissioner has pointed out, who has shared that the girl could be a “cover-up” because “if she had participated in the attack, she would be in prison.”

An important test to shed light, he has shelled, was the analysis made in the El Andén pub, from which the first detainee was expelled after arguing with the young woman, his girlfriend.

The altercation began in the vicinity of the Playa Club, on the Coruña promenade, when Samuel and his friend made a video call with her mobile, at which point the first aggressor gave him the cry of “fag” and acted thinking that he was they were recording him.

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