DMU will seek to curb the dominance of tech giants

04/07/2021 at 09:38 CEST

A new regulator with the aim of curbing the dominance of the tech giants has started working in the UK. The Digital Markets Unit (DMU) will first seek to create new codes of conduct for companies like Facebook and Google and their relationship with content providers and advertisers.

The new unit will be based within the Competition and Markets Authority. The regime will be “blatantly pro-competitive,” said the Secretary of Commerce.. The DMU’s first job will be to come up with codes of conduct that regulate relationships between technology companies and their users, whether they are small businesses that want to advertise or news organizations looking to distribute their journalism.

Between them, Facebook, Google and Amazon control the majority of digital advertising revenue.. Before taking action, the new regulator will have to wait for those codes to become law. Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden stated: “Today is an important milestone on the road to creating the world’s most competitive online marketplaces, with consumers, entrepreneurs and content publishers at its heart.”