Effusive hugs, family photos, open-hearted partying, soccer games, basketball tributes, overflowing stands, interaction with the public … All without distance and hygiene measures. Novak Djokovic’s activity in the last two weeks in your Adria Tour and in several parallel events it had already sounded the alarm days ago. Some headlines published in AS, such as ‘Djokovic offset’ or ‘Djokovic runs wild’, have not been exaggerated. What seemed like it could happen has happened. Dimitrov announced its coronavirus positive on Sunday. Troicki and Coric They joined this Monday. Two members of the coaching staff of Dimitrov and Djokovic have also been infected. And the thing could still grow more. Nole was already warned, because Nikola Jankovic, Partizán player, He had communicated his case after a tribute where the tennis player participated, in addition to famous basketball players such as Jokic. But the scare did not help much, because the party started in Belgrade continued in Zadar, where the tournament has not even been able to celebrate its end.

The arguments presented by Djokovic to respond to the criticisms, it was complying with the protocols of the Balkan countries and that the virus had had little incidence there. As if it wasn’t with them. Well, in addition to the positive ones reported in tennis and basketball, those of five Red Star footballers and of two members of the water polo team. If Serbia did not have a problem with the pandemic, it is clear that its sport did. The party of Nole has coincided, to top it all, with the news of the return of the ATP calendar, where number one is president of the Players Commission. A return that is now marked. The negligence shown by Djokovic and his band serves as a reminder that no one is free from the virus … from suffering and spreading it.