Novak Djokovic’s father, Srdjan Djokovic, It has again been very hard and critical of the Swiss tennis player Roger Federer. In an interview with the TV program SportKluba and collected by ESPN, Djokovic’s father has ‘cracked’ against Federer and explained what, according to him, is the reason why the Swiss tennis player is still active on the courts.


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“It is a reality that Roger will not end up being the best in historyia, that’s why you cultivate so much enmity towards my son. It is true that both have a relationship of cultivated respect for years, but why would a man with 40 years continue playing? He does it because he cannot bear that both my son and Rafa will be better than him. Go now to raise your children, ski and do interesting things. His time has passed, “Djokovic’s father said in this threatening interview.

In it, the father of the Croatian tennis player He also explained that “Novak is a compilation of the best qualities of both his mother and mine”, and that “when you have the virtues that my son shows, you have to aim for the greatest. I give lectures throughout Serbia talking about attitude about my son and how his entire environment has grown with him. Nothing is impossible if you desire something fervently. “


Her son, however, does not seem to think the same. From the Croatian city of Zadar, where he organizes and plays the “Adria Tour” tournament, Novak Djokovic pointed out that Roger Federer is “possibly the greatest tennis player in history”.

“He plays as easily and has a natural talent as has never been seen. He is very effective. Even when he cannot physically compete with the youngsters anymore, he makes up for it with his game,” said Djokovic, according to Croatian portal Jutarnji. “I would not be surprised if he is among the best also next year,” said the Serb.

People often debate who is the greatest of all time. And it’s hard to compare, “said Djokovic.

“For example, (Bjorn) Borg won 11 Grand Slams and retired at age 26. If he had played five or ten more years, where would he be? And, moreover, what would have happened if he had not played with the wooden racket? ?”, he asked himself.