He has done it again. There are people who enjoy getting into the mud, who love the feeling of being in the trigger and can not help but pour their opinions, however controversial they may be. One of them is Srdjan Djokovic, father of the Serbian. Despite the fact that years ago he had discussions with his son due to this expansive and volcanic nature, the family’s father does not contain himself but rather gives free rein to his particular crusade in defense of Novak Djokovic, but very especially, against Roger Federer. We recently reviewed where the certain enmity between the Balkan and Swiss environments came from, but the matter seems more entrenched than normal. In an interview with the TV program SportKluba and collected by ESPN, the good guy from Srdjan gives free rein to his opinion, without blush, without hesitation.

05/12/2020 12:05

Everything originated in a Davis Cup tie in 2006 between Switzerland and Serbia. What happened that weekend, marked the beginning of their tensions.

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– Djokovic, presented as a superior being and stories from his childhood. “Novak is a compilation of the best qualities of both his mother and mine. All our virtues were united in him, while the defects remained in our souls. It was very difficult to take him forward in his childhood, we lived very hard moments in Serbia with the war. We were young, we had small children. Tennis mentally saved us to escape the tense situation we lived in, hiding from the bombings all the time. The illusion that gave us to see that Novak was a genius, was the engine to overcome it everything, “declared Srdjan.

– How do you understand your child’s career right now. “Tennis is no longer a sport for all of us at the moment. This is already a business, a daily work in which we are all committed so that Novak reaches the supreme objective. When you have the virtues that my son shows, you have to aim for the biggest goal. I give lectures all over Serbia talking about my son’s attitude and how his whole environment has grown with him. Nothing is impossible if you want something fervently, “he says with conviction.

– Enmity with Roger Federer. It is here that the father of the Djokovic family sharpens the tusk and leaves powerful headlines. “It is a reality that Roger will not end up being the best in history, that is why he cultivates so much enmity towards my son. It is true that both have a relationship of respect cultivated for years, but why would a man with 40 years continue to play “He does it because he cannot bear that both my son and Rafa will be better than him”, he reveals before giving a tip to the Swiss. “Go and raise your kids, ski and do cool things now. Your time is up.” Shooting with bullet Srdjan Djokovic.