The number one in world tennis, the Serbian Novak Djokovic, won this Saturday his first meeting in the second stage of the so-called “Adria Tour” charity, played in Zadar (Croatia) by beating his compatriot Pedja Krstin (256 ATP).

06/20/2020 at 22:21



The German Alexander Zverev (7) lost his first match of the day, against the Serbian Danilo Petrovic (157), while Croatian Borna Coric (33) prevailed over Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov (19).

Zadar hosts the contest in a stadium with a capacity for 9,000 people, for which 50% of the capacity has been put up for sale to respect the social distance against COVID-19.

In Belgrade The rules against the pandemic were not respected, so Djokovic and the organizers received some criticism.

Neither the spectators nor the players, who had been tested before the tournament, respected the distance in Belgrade.

This tournament, organized by Djokovic, it is played according to the “Round Robin” system, that is to say all against all, in two groups of four players, to two sets won, to four games each.

In tonight’s matchday, Djokovic faces Coric, while Zverev plays Croatian Marin Cilic (23).

In the Belgrade tournament, Austrian Dominic Thiem, third in the ATP, prevailed.

In addition to raising funds for various NGOs, this small tour of tournaments aims to help players regain their shape after three months of competitive stoppage due to the pandemic.

The ‘Adria Tour’ plans to continue in Banja Luka (Bosnia) on July 3 and 4, to conclude on July 5 in Sarajevo.