Djokovic, to make history: “I feel at my best level”

Rarely can a tennis player face a tournament with the possibility, and almost the objective, of entering the annals of history. Novak Djokovic can say it, loud and clear, and has no qualms about doing so: Tokyo Olympics 2021 they are the last challenge for the tennis player from Belgrade. With the confidence of having conquered the three Majors played so far, with the adrenaline of those who have made any track of the circuit his garden, Nole will start on Saturday his search for the long-awaited Olympic gold. Before, the Serbian went through a press conference, already from the Asian country, in which he reflected on his feelings and the magnitude of a company that only Steffi graf has gotten before.

Olympic spirit and playing for Serbia

“Being part of a team and representing your country is something that I greatly appreciate, something that motivates me and gives me a lot of confidence and a lot of energy. Although it is true that I am alone on the track, despite this I feel the spirit of the team and the support of my teammates and of everyone who is involved in the Serbian team. That gives you wings to be able to play at your level and to be able to reach the highest levels. “

Pre-debut sensations

“I feel great. I am prepared to perform at my best, both mentally and physically. I have had what is probably my best season at the Grand Slams level so far, winning three of the four Grand Slams, so I couldn’t. to have had a better preparation for these Olympic Games. I hope to have another great tournament here. “

The weight of making history

“There is still a very long way to go to any historical milestone. I know I am in a very good position, but I take things very cautiously and cautiously and focus solely on my next challenge. I need to approach things this way, now. that probably in the past I could not think like that and that played it to me.

I know there are many things at stake. I know that history is at stake, I feel privileged and motivated to find myself in this situation. I’ve worked very hard to get here, obviously with my whole team, but we’ll talk about history if everything goes well here. “

The Golden Slam, a success only achieved by Steffi Graf

“I have the utmost admiration and respect for all that Steffi has achieved in her career and for the mark she has left on our sport. I worked with her husband, Andre Agassi, just a few years ago, and had the opportunity to spend some time together. When I thought about the incredible success he achieved, I never imagined that anyone could have the slightest chance of matching him. Today it is an option that seems more and more real. It is clear that this is one of the objectives and dreams “.

Finally, yes to the Games

“It was a dilemma for a while but in the end I opted to come. I am happy about it: there are so many precious things about the Olympics, so I will try to focus on those things that will give me the inspiration to play my best tennis.”

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