Djokovic tames Medvedev and wins his ninth Australian Open

Novak Djokovic he beat Daniil Medvedev (7-5, 6-2 and 6-2) in the final of the Australian Open and thus won his eighteenth Grand Slam, the ninth in Melbourne. The number one maintains his long idyll with Melbourne and left the Russian tennis player completely disarmed in his second Grand Slam final. The old guard continues to command and the pulse to be the best in history is more alive than ever.

The final between Daniil Medvedev Y Novak Djokovic at Australian Open It was posed as a challenge to the status quo in tennis by the Next-Gen, following statements by Stefanos Tsitsipas. Djokovic spoke and assured that they did not lack quality, but that they still “have a lot of work to do.” Novak thus reached his ninth final in Melbourne, ready to defend the old guard and, more importantly, get closer to Roger Federer Y Rafael Nadal -both with 20 Grand Slams-.

In front he had Daniil Medveded, his executioner in three of the last four times they had faced each other and he was stepping on his second Grand Slam final. An “aspirant” – as he defined himself – who took twelve minutes to enter the game, time in which Djokovic had been up 3-0, but was immediately neutralized. From there, each one was entrusted to his service, hardly giving up points to the rest, until reaching the eleventh game in a draw.

There, Djokovic went one step further and secured the tiebreak with a blank game. He passed the hot potato to Medvedev, who was seen with a dizzying 0-40. Or what is the same, three set balls against, he lifted two -one with a serve at 214 km / h-, but then his right was hooked in the net and the sleeve fell for Nole (7-5 ) after 42 minutes of play.

The ‘old guard’ strikes first

I’m not going to stay here and give myself up. I’m going to make them move their ass », had said Novak Djokovic in relation to the members of the Next Gen for the generational change they seek. No sooner said than done. The Serb forced Medvedev to move… but it wasn’t enough. The Russian began the second set with an initial break, a declaration of intent that remained a dead letter, because the next four games fell on the side of Djokovic, who at 4-1 already had his homework done.

Djokovic kept his serve after a deuce to the despair of Medvedev – He paid with his racket- and closed his sleeve after a new break. After an hour and 17 minutes of play, the Belgrade tennis player was already sending two sets to zero in the Melbourne final. Only one set separated him from his ninth Aussie crown. In the air the question: «What would be the reaction of Medvedev? ». In his career he never lifted two sets down, but in the minds of many he followed that US Open final against Rafa Nadal when in a similar situation he took the duel to the fifth set.

Djokovic tames the ‘beast’

Unbeatable since last October and the Serb’s executioner in three of his last ten defeats, anyone left Medvedev for dead. More when Djokovic committed two double faults at the start of the third set and was seen with two break balls against. But the Serbian entrusted to his service reacted and it also helped that the Russian was going off his script. So what could have been a break in favor became a break against in his first turn of serve.

With a favorable wind, Mr. Melbourne did not fail. Intractable in every final he had stepped on in Australia, he was not going to be less in his ninth title fight. He continued to be decisive with his service, he stood up to the public in the stands with a good colony of Serbs supporting the number one and after less than two hours of the game he threw the tie to his eighteenth Grand Slam, half on Australian soil.