The coronavirus pandemic hit the world. So far, more than two million cases have been recorded and there have been more than 165,000 deaths. Scientists from different countries work against the clock to be able find a vaccine against the virus and, although they have not yet managed to find it, there is much optimism that the investigations will come to fruition.

In that framework, Novak Djokovic He made his position public. In a chat via Facebook Live with a group of Serbian athletes, the number one in the world tennis ranking said that opposes vaccination and that, in case the vaccine is discovered and its application is required to return to the circuit, it has not yet decided what it will do.

“Personally, i oppose vaccination and I would not want to be forced to get a vaccine to be able to travel, “Nole said in statements collected by the . agency.

Asked what he will do if the ATP demands compulsive vaccination from all tennis players to resume activity, Djokovic said: “I will have to make a decision. I have my own thoughts on the matter and although those thoughts could change, I don’t know. “

“Hypothetically, if the season resumes in July, August or September – although I see it as very unlikely – I understand that the vaccine is going to be an immediate requirement for when we get out of strict quarantine, the issue is that there is no vaccine yet”, concluded the 32-year-old tennis player, winner of 17 Grand Slam titles.

Days ago, Djokovic was at the head of a plan to raise funds for the tennis players who are being most affected by the suspension of the tournaments. Next to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal They devised a fund in which the top 100 singles and top 20 doubles will contribute their money to help the lowest ranked.

The international tennis circuit, both male and female, faces a suspension following the coronavirus pandemic. Several major tournaments were canceled, while others have been rescheduled, pending decisions by the authorities. WimbledonFor example, it will not be played for the first time since World War II. While Roland Garros, which was to be held from May 24 to June 7, was postponed to the end of September, after the end of the US Open. The truth is that the ATP and the WTA have not yet ventured a certain date for the return to competition.