The Adria Tour celebration continues to bring queue. The tournament he organized Novak Djokovic for humanitarian purposes became a a focus of criticism when celebrated without taking the appropriate sanitary measures with the presence of the coronavirus.


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After showing images of football and basketball troneos without contact measures, the stands with 4,000 spectators, most without masks and without maintaining safe distances, and above all a video of Djokovic and other tennis players dancing at a night party without a shirt and without distance, criticism of number one was constant.

The positive of Grigor Dimitrov It was the trigger for the tournament to finally be canceled and subsequent tests for the coronavirus confirmed the spread of several tennis players. among them Djokovic. His wife was also infected by what is being quarantined in Belgrade. Borna Coric and Viktor Troicky were other players who tested positive for COVID-19, as were coaches, the last of them Goran Ivanisevic, Djokovic’s coach.

Such has been the scandal over the celebration of the tournament that Djokovic is receiving death threats. In the center of the city of Split a death threat appeared towards the Serbian tennis player: “Djokovic, die. Our wish is that you die. Greetings from Split. Die.”, says the graffiti.

Novak’s father assured that his son was having a very bad time with everything that happened and that the culprit of the infections was Dimitrov for having played the tournament without passing the tests. The mother of number one confessed that “It is horrible and scary what they are writing about Novak, but we are used to it. “

This painted will surely not help Djokovic lift his mood.