Djokovic puts out the fire of Berrettini

World’s number one Novak Djokovic tread again in the semifinals of Roland Garros after getting rid of another Italian, not without suffering, the second in a row, Matteo berrettini, by 6-3, 6-2, 6-7 (5) and 7-5 in 3 hours and 28 minutes. Arduous battle in the aftermath after two first sets in which the Serbian was embroidering tennis. Berrettini brought out his pride and his incredible forehand to level the duel and put Djokovic in serious trouble. Again, we will have a great Djokovic-Nadal classic in the semis.

Second meeting between Serbian and Italian after the ATP Finals a couple of seasons ago. Beating in that case the one inflicted by the world’s number one. The thing here was diametrically opposite. Berrettini came out to modern from the first ball, very aggressive, without complexes, cutting Novak’s pace, the Italian knowing that if he wanted to win it had to be that way, with that script. The arreón would not last long, Djokovic put the temper to the party, put consistency in the background and counterattack, facets that he mastered perfectly. In the third game he broke and would not let go of the advantage. Very serious, with better service benefits, decisive and determined for victory, not to suffer what he suffered against another Italian like Musetti.

Long, very long first sleeve in any case. Matteo was not in rooms by chance and was clinging to his options to reverse the situation. But this Djokovic was the Djokovic of the big events, stony, solid as stone and that ends up paying off sooner rather than later. In more than 50 minutes, but the Belgrade was awarded 6-3 the first set of the last men’s quarter-final at Roland Garros 2021.

The Serbian steamroller was going to go full blast already in the second heat. The Italian remained willful but his efforts seemed scarce and insufficient before the number one in the world. Until practically the end of the second set, Djokovic would not accumulate a single, unforced error, tremendous. Very difficult like this, despite the aggressiveness of the transalpine. A much more comfortable set for Novak who would prevail 6-2 in almost half the time than in the first set.

But how long can be the Grand Slam matches to the best of five sets. A much improved Berrettini in the third sleeve, with more character, more disheveled in his game, more incisive with the right that can be a real cannon. No service breaks, but with Djokovic having his options. With 4-4 he had a break ball for 5-4 and served, but Berrettini, grabbed hold and the set ended up going to sudden death in which the Italian finished much better, with more impudence overflowing Novak and putting the 7-6 with 7-5 the tiebreaker. It seemed like a new game.

Fourth set of stops and a lot of tension

The fourth sleeve would have everything. In the beginning, and with the crowd on fire, Berrettini let go and let go to put even more doubts on Djokovic’s racket. The party moved in the passionate, in the ‘punches’ of the Italian. Then came the stoppage due to the eviction of the center court by the curfew of 23.00 in Paris. Up to 15 minutes of break to which we add how cold the environment was. Berrettini suffered a severe setback with this new situation. However, he would resist Djokovic and extend the set until the end of the game. There, the jackal that is the Serbian would show himself in his best version, also helped by a much more failed and clueless Matteo. After a first match point lost with a volcanic reaction from Novak, feigning to throw the racket into the stands and kicking an advertising banner on the side, the second would be good to settle a clash that became very tense and complicated.

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