Djokovic destroys Schwartzman and starts on the right foot at the Masters

The Copa Masters aims to be one of the most even tournaments in recent times, and Novak Djokovic He is also applying for the title in London. After Nadal’s triumphant debut against Rublev, Nole responded with a clear victory against the theoretical Cinderella of the group Tokyo 1970, Diego schwartzman, who was imposed in two sets and showing a manifest superiority that implies a great state of form in order to become a teacher.

The first match of the tournament in the Tokyo 1970 group saw a showdown between the big favorite for the title and the Cinderella of the tournament. Schwartzman practically needed a miracle to beat Djokovic, five times master, on a court that acts as the main impediment to deploying his best tennis. Djokovic, however, and with versatility as the flag, did justify being a favorite on a stage where he has won several titles throughout his career.

Schwartzman He started hitting against the odds, with a short-lived first break due to Djokovic’s reaction. Peque is a fragile player at the service and on a surface where break opportunities are few, not maintaining the advantage would be expensive. The Argentine resistance lasted two more games but in the eighth and at the second chance, Nole was going to break to close the first set in the next game.

Half the job was done and Djokovic took advantage of the positive momentum to start with a new break that was going to sentence the game. Schwartzman was left with no options to compete with a Nole already adapted to the 02 Arena mat and that with a new break he walked firmly to seal the triumph in his debut at the Masters.