Djokovic changes strategy to become the greatest

Novak Djokovic, brand new champion of Australian Open, he already has a record that he attached great importance to: being the tennis player that occupies number one in the ranking for the most weeks, exceeding 310 weeks of Roger Federer. Now the one in Belgrade has another goal in mind: to be the biggest in history. To do this, you must first hunt the Swiss already Rafael Nadal in number of Grand Slams (20), but the Serbian already has a plan in mind.

Starting next Monday, March 8, Novak Djokovic will officially be the tennis player longest he has been number one in the ATP. The Serbian will reach 311 weeks at the head of the classification, beating the record that Roger Federer held until now. This was one of the confessed goals of the Belgrade tennis player, but his ambition does not stop and he wants be the greatest in history.

To do this, he has taken a good step with his ninth crown at the Australian Open, a title that raised the Grand Slams won to 18. The Serbian is just two short of the historical record set by Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal, but Novak already has a plan to overcome them.

«I want to win more Grand Slams and break records, of course. And most of my attention and my energy from now on, until I retire from tennis, will go to the Grand Slam, “he confessed. Novak Djokovic before leaving Melbourne. The 33-year-old Serbian prefers to focus from now on the fight for the top-flight tournaments, that is, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and US Open.

Your body asks you for a break

But before getting down to business, Novak Djokovic take a break. After his controversial abdominal injury, the Serbian assures that it has worsened and that he needs to take a break. Djokovic dragged problems during their matches in Melbourne, although in the final against Medvedev they seemed completely behind.

«There are people who doubt me and of course it hurts. I have learned that you cannot please everyone and I will receive criticism no matter what I do. I am human and that frustrates, but I have managed to manage that frustration well, “he said. Djokovic. The doubts came not only from public opinion, but also from his own colleagues, who were shocked that if he was really injured he could offer such a level.

Now, after the Australian Open and with the title on your showcase, Djokovic has recognized that he needs to stop, as his injury has worsened. “I came from another MRI that I did this morning and the damage is greater than when it happened, when I did the first MRI after the third round,” he told reporters on Monday. And he reassured his followers. It’s not that bad from what the doctor said, but I’ll have to take some time off and heal. The tear is bigger, “he concluded.