Although he was one of the first to be reluctant to participate in the US Open given the measures they intended to implement, Novak Djokovic He might have changed his mind and had the American Grand Slam on his mind. The world number one is training these days on the concrete track and everything indicates that he will play in New York, as long as the tournament goes ahead.

On more than one occasion, Novak Djokovic has confessed that he wants to be the best tennis player of all time, the one with the most weeks at the top of the ranking and the one with the most Grand Slams in the history of tennis. The Serbian must defend the number one in a fight with Rafa Nadal and a good opportunity for this will come in the coming weeks. The presence of the Balearic on the North American tour would be ruled out, while Djokovic has the opportunity to expand the loot of points at the US Open by only passing the knockout stages. Conquering the crown on the Arthur Ashe it would add 1820 points and it would remain to a single Grand Slam to match Rafa Nadal.

What has made a change of mind in Djokovic’s intentions is that the Serbian is training these days on the concrete track in Marbella, city ​​to which he travels with certain regularity. Also, according to former Australian tennis player and current ESPN commentator Rennae Stubs, Novak would have asked for a Wilson ball set of the same model as the one to be used in the US Open, that, if all goes well, it will be held from August 31 to September 13.

In recent years, the US Open is the most open Grand Slam of the four on the circuit and given the circumstances, with the absence of many players and others who claim not to be performing at their best, the options to conquer the American Grand Slam multiply . The Serbian has contested eight US Open finals and has claimed the crown three times, most recently in 2018.