Many athletes have already sent messages to raise awareness among people to stay home to stop coronavirus infections. Yesterday Rafa Nadal did it on his social networks and today he did it tennis number 1: Novak Djokovic.

The Serbian player has posted on his Twitter an image with his family at home accompanied by a text where he asks people to be aware of the situation that exists with this pandemic and wishes everyone to be in good health.

I pray for your health and your healing. May God heal any illness you have physically, mentally or spiritually. May he give you energy of health and joy today. These are very difficult times for everyone“he comments in his post.

“I am sending support and prayers. Please stay home in quarantine and help frontline doctors help all infected and needy. We do not burden them in these critical times more than they already are. It’s all a matter of perspective, “he adds.

Staying at home for a long time is something we are not used to and can be difficult. And Djokovic points out on that, expressing that “We live in a fast-paced modern life. Constantly on the move. We seldom stop to contemplate our lives. We became addicted to the idea that we always need to be somewhere else and do something productive. ”

Like the rest of competitions, the tennis circuit is suspended until the situation returns to normal. In principle, they are scheduled to play again in early June, but the situation will have to be monitored. Given the impossibility of continuing with their sports careers, number 1 in the ATP ranking suggests other activities that can be done at home.

“Spend time with your family, pray, meditate, sing, dance, eat healthy and write. Enjoy the little things in life. Try to laugh, love and spend time on internal work and train your brains to have positive thoughts, “the text ends.