Divine Woman! Yanet García is shown in all her splendor

Divine Woman! Yanet García shows herself in all her splendor | Instagram

The beautiful ex weather girl Yanet García recently delighted her fans with a beautiful photograph on her official Instagram account where she shows her angelic face, quite flirtatious.

The ex presenter continues to add followers on Instagram with his passionate posts.

Yanet García undoubtedly continues to dazzle with her great talent outside the television forums, revealing the incomparable beauty that she preserves her loyal admirers.

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Through Instagram, the former Climate Girl shared a photograph where she shows her beautiful face in the foreground, with which she proves to be one of the most divine in all of Latin America.

The best things happen unexpectedly “, wrote the also model in the publication.

This publication was shared yesterday and so far it has received about 130 thousand likes and more than 500 comments from its more than 13 million followers on the famous Instagram social network, evidencing its desire for the Mexican influencer Yanet García.

It should be noted that since weeks ago, the businesswoman has surprised her group of followers in the digital world by being the new member of the Onlyfans platform, where she shares the best content in exclusive photographs and videos.

As you may recall, three years ago Yanet gained fame as the weather girl on the “Hoy” program, and now she has more than 13 million followers on her Instagram account.

Despite no longer appearing on television, the Mexican continues to be a beauty reference and always tries to be in contact with her fans.

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On the other hand, two years ago Yanet García received a gift from her boyfriend Lewis Howes: a cute Pomerian dog that bears the name “Mamacita”.

The pet is so spoiled that it even has its own Instagram account, in which it boasts its constant travels with its owner.

Yanet García once again caused an impact on social networks, this after appearing topless from the beach.

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The model recently shared a photo of her face down enjoying the sun.

However, it was evident that the upper part of the bathing suit was removed and it is unknown if the lower part was also removed.

This woman already gets naked everywhere “,” The boyfriend will one day go out with that he left her for someone who does not get naked “,” It’s good that they want to show the curves in their OnlyFans but on public roads “,” When you’re famous just for teaching everything “,” And when she reaches 50 she will continue to be famous or what will they talk about “, were some of the criticisms she received.

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However, despite the negative comments, the famous also received praise and added that her OnlyFans account is improving by a lot.

And it is that many were staying that his account was exactly the same as that of Instagram, where for no extra cost he shared photographs with very little clothes.

There is no doubt that Yanet García continues to cause a stir within social networks, where she constantly shares flirty photographs that leave little to the imagination.

And the fact is that the one born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, has not only captivated with tight gym clothes or l3nc3r1a, since if she knows something to do is look spectacular in swimsuits.

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