Divine help, emotion and glory: Agustín Canapino won in the TC race that honored his father

Hug from Agustín Canapino and his brother Matías.

An emotional impact was experienced at noon on Sunday, where the recently deceased Alberto Canapino had deserved tributes. The coach, who died last Monday from COVID-19, had recognition today at the Roberto Mouras de La Plata Autodrome, where the Road Tourism opened his championship. This start had the most anticipated triumph and corresponding to the memory of the chasista who won eleven championships in the category and was that of his son Agustin Canapino that honored him with everything: pole positions, series and final.

At the beginning of the television broadcast, a clip was dedicated to him that summarized the successes of the Canapino coach. Before the final, four cars that Alberto enlisted and that were consecrated turned: the Ford of Juan Manuel Silva (2005), which was managed by the current champion, Mariano Werner; the dodge of Norberto Fontana (2006), and the Chevrolet of Christian ledesma (2007) and the first with which Agustín was consecrated in 2010, which took everything that was in dispute on the La Plata circuit.

Minute of silence in the memory of Alberto Canapino

The 31-year-old reef he made pole positions, won the fastest series, and in the final he prevailed from end to end and also set the lap record. He was left with the 47 points that were in dispute. He was the pilot to beat the weekend on the stage of La Plata where his Chevrolet had the inscription on the windshield “Forever Pa”.

After his success, the second in a row counting his victory on the last date of the 2020 season, he hugged very tightly with his brother Matías, who made his debut at TC Pista where he was eighth. Then he greeted all the members of his team, which was renamed Squadra Canapino and with this name he already achieved the first victory.

Cars prepared by Canapino turned at the Autodromo de La Plata

After the race, the former driver Marcos Di Palma (current provincial deputy for the Frente de Todos) presented Agustín with the trophy with the face of Juan Manuel Fangio and the competition was called “Alberto Canapino Grand Prize”.

“Say thanks to my old man. It’s difficult to say anything, because this race won, the championships, everything is so secondary … I wanted to win. With my old man, by strategy, we would not have won today (N. of the R: the winner loads ballast in the car for the next race). It was very difficult in the end with Josito (Di Palma) and the oil stain that there was and on the side … “

“Before leaving he asked him (his father) for strength. Really believe that there is something more. I really felt it. He sent me the pace car. Josito was already pushing me, it’s like he gave us everything. I can only say thanks to my old man. I don’t want to cry anymore, I already cried a lot. I am not even close to what he was, but I will try to move forward and help my brothers as he asked me before they put him to sleep”, He added. Regarding all the recognitions towards his father, he concluded that “I knew that my old man was a fat man, but I did not know how much”.

Testimony of Agustín Canapino

Alberto Canapino, 57, died on Monday 15 due to complications in his COVID-19 picture. He was hospitalized for ten days.

While Augustine was escorted by his own Josito Di Palma (Ford) and Esteban Gini (Torino). This allows him to lead the championship that will follow in two weeks at the Autodromo de Buenos Aires Oscar and Juan Gálvez, where it is possible that 2,700 people will be allowed in fifteen grandstands. It would be the return of the public from the second date of 2020 disputed on March 8 in Neuquén.

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