Divers free whale shark trapped in rope: viral video


Mexico City / 26.01.2021 11:54:28

Animal videos give fun, pleasant and even emotional moments for Internet users. A clear example is the video in which a brave team of divers starred in the incredible whale shark rescue what was left caught on a piece of rope.

Simone Musumeci and Antonio Di Franca appear in the footage, two divers from the Macana Maldives travel agency, who were taking a group of tourists on a guided dive on the island of Fuvahmulah, Maldives, when they saw something extraordinary: a huge whale shark who sailed through the water around his boat with a thick rope tied to the body.

The expedition guide was the one who gave the warning that the animal was in the immersion zone when the group returned to the ship. It was then that the majestic specimen he came swimming with a rope around his neck. Simone and Antonio jumped into the water and started cut it with razors to free it.

« When the rope was finally released, the animal stood still for a moment, as if he realized that he was free, then slowly disappeared into the depths of the sea« Simone told Caters News.

Although the video is just over 3 minutes long, the process took a total of 10 minutes. Once free, it could be seen by the deep white mark, that the whale shark had been with the ballast on it for a long time. Although the video was recorded in December 2019, went viral on social media in the last few hours.