Distribution of points between Pumas UNAM and Pachuca (2-2)

04/04/2021 at 9:16 PM CEST

The Pumas UNAM and the Pachuca tied at two in the meeting held this Sunday in the University Olympic Stadium. The Pumas UNAM came with the intention of reaping a new victory after achieving a 0-1 victory against the Saint Louis. On the part of the visiting team, the Pachuca he won in his last two matches of the competition against him UANL Tigers at home and the Toluca away from home, 1-0 and 0-2 respectively and accumulated three victories in a row in the competition. After the result obtained, the Coyoacanense team is thirteenth after the end of the match, while the Pachuca is tenth.

The game started face to face for him Pachuca, who took the opportunity to open the scoring with a goal of Victor Sosa in the 36th minute, ending the first half with a 0-1 score on the scoreboard.

In the second period, luck came for the Pachuqueño team, which increased its scoring account with respect to its opponent with a goal from Erick Aguirre in minute 76. However, the Coyoacanense team reduced differences through a goal of Sebastian Saucedo in the 90th minute. After this, a new occasion allowed to increase the score of the local team, who put the tables putting the 2-2 thanks to a penalty goal by Juan Dinenno moments before the final whistle, at 90, ending the match with a result of 2-2 on the light.

Both coaches made moves on the benches. The coach of the Pumas UNAM gave entrance to Juan Iturbe and Sebastian Saucedo by Facundo waller and Alan Mozo, Meanwhile he Pachuca gave entrance to Oscar Murillo, Efrain Orona and Miguel Tapias by Miguel Herrera, Erick Aguirre and Emmanuel garcia.

The referee sanctioned five players with a yellow card, one for the locals and four for the visitors. On the part of the locals, the card went to Erik Lira and by visitors to Roberto Nurse, Felipe Pardo, Kevin Alvarez and Miguel Herrera.

After this tie at the end of the duel, the Pumas UNAM it was located in the thirteenth position of the table with 13 points. For his part, Pachuca with this point he got the tenth place with 14 points at the end of the duel.

On the next day the Pumas UNAM will play against him Necaxa at home and the Pachuca will play his match against him Puebla in his fiefdom.