Distribution of points between Levante and Elche (1-1)


I raised Y Elche tied to one in the meeting held this Saturday in the Ciutat of Valencia. I raised He faced the game with the intention of adding more points to his locker after drawing 1-1 in the last game played against Alaves and with a streak of three draws in a row in the competition. On the visitors’ side, Elche had to settle for a 1-1 draw against Celtic. With this result, the Levantine team was in seventeenth position, while Elche, for his part, is seventh at the end of the meeting.

The first part of the confrontation began in an excellent way for the local team, who took advantage of the play to open the scoring with a goal from Gonzalo melero in the 12th minute, ending the first half with the score of 1-0.

After the halfway point of the duel, in the second half came the goal for Elche, who got the tie with a bit of Tete Morente at 64 minutes, thus ending the duel with a final result of 1-1.

The technician of I raised, Paco Lopez, gave entry to the field Ruben Rochina, Nemanja Radoja, Roger Marti, Sergio Leon Y Oscar Duarte replacing Dani gomez, Gonzalo melero, Jorge de Frutos Sebastian, Jose Luis Morales Y Ruben Vezo, while on the part of Elche, Jorge Almiron replaced Omenuke Mfulu Y Guido Carrillo by Guti Y Lucas Boye.

The referee showed five yellow cards. Locals saw one of them (Carlos Clerc) and those of the visiting team saw four cards, specifically Lucas Boye, Tete Morente, Diego Gonzalez Y Omenuke Mfulu.

For the moment, I raised is left with seven points and Elche with 12 points.

On the next day I raised will play against Real Valladolid at home and Elche will play his match against Cadiz in their stadium.