Distribution of points at La Baluga Soccer Field: Balmaseda 2-2 Santurtzi

05/19/2021 at 10:44 PM CEST

The Balmaseda and the Santurtzi tied at two in the meeting held this Wednesday in the La Baluga Soccer Field. The Balmaseda arrived with the intention of returning to the path of victory after losing the last match against the Sodupe by a score of 3-0. On the part of the visiting team, the Santurtzi He came from beating 4-1 in his fief at Urgatzi KK in the last game held. After the game, the valmasedano team was in seventh position, while the Santurtzi, meanwhile, is first at the end of the game.

The meeting started in an unbeatable way for him Santurtzi, who took the opportunity to open the scoreboard thanks to a goal of Galder in the 37th minute. After this, the first half ended with a score of 0-1.

After the half of the match came the goal for the valmasedano team, who put the tables with a goal from Aitor in the 56th minute. Subsequently, the local team scored in the 65th minute thanks to a goal from Arkarazo. The Santurzano set put the tables through a bit of Arambarri shortly before the end, specifically in 89, thus ending the confrontation with a score of 2-2 on the light.

In the chapter on changes, the Balmaseda from Pablo Palacio relieved Julen Barron Y Jon for Aitor Y Corral, while the technician of the Santurtzi, Pablo Palacio, ordered the entry of Unai, Beñat, Varela, Kepa and Iker Salvador to supply Aguiar, Raul Alvarez, Mikel, Jonan Herrero Y Soraluze.

The referee gave a yellow card to Pablo Rodriguez, Arribalzaga Y Maka by the local team already Raul Alvarez, Mikel, Jonan Herrero Y Kepa by the santurzano team.

At the moment, the Balmaseda gets 25 points and the Santurtzi with 34 points.

The next day the valmasedano team will play in their stadium against him SCD Durango, Meanwhile he Santurtzi will seek victory away from home against Somorrostro.

Data sheetBalmaseda:Bruno, Maka, Arkarazo, Mikeldi, Corral (Jon, min.84), Gari, Infante, Padu, Aitor (Julen Barrón, min.78), Herreros and ArribalzagaSanturtzi:Delri, Aguiar (Unai, min.46), Soraluze (Iker Salvador, min.76), Arambarri, Méndez, Mikel (Varela, min.56), Álvaro Marroquín, Romero, Galder, Raúl Álvarez (Beñat, min.56) and Jonan Herrero (Kepa, min.71)Stadium:La Baluga Soccer FieldGoals:Galder (0-1, min. 37), Aitor (1-1, min. 56), Arkarazo (2-1, min. 65) and Arambarri (2-2, min. 89)

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