Distilling Love, When you are mine and Coffee with the scent of a woman, which soap opera will win | INSTAGRAM

Coffee with the scent of a woman, the 1994 Colombian soap opera, and its Mexican remakes, which one was more successful? Which is better?

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To start, we need to go back to the beginning, Café con aroma de mujer was a Colombian soap opera created by Fernando Gaitán and produced by RCN Televisión in 1994.

Starring Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Guy Ecker, and with the antagonistic participation of Alejandra Borrero, Silvia de Dios, Cristóbal Errázuriz, Myriam de Lourdes and Lina María Navia, broadcast and adapted in several countries, it is considered one of the most soap operas popular on Colombian television, and was awarded in 1995 with the TVyNovelas award for Best Telenovela.

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It is the story of Teresa Suárez nicknamed « Gaviota », and her mother Carmenza Suárez, they are two coffee pickers who travel throughout the year to different coffee areas of Colombia looking for work where there is harvest.

For its part, When you are mine is a Mexican soap opera produced by Rafael Gutiérrez and broadcast by TV Azteca in 2001, it is an adaptation of the Colombian soap opera Café, with the scent of a woman.

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Starring Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basañez, with the antagonistic participations of Martha Cristiana, Rodrigo Abed, Anette Michel, Margarita Gralia and Luis Felipe Tovar, it also features starring performances by Evangelina Elizondo and Sergio Bustamante.

It also tells the story of Teresa Suárez « Paloma », a woman who works as a picker in the coffee plantations of the « Casa Blanca » hacienda in Veracruz, the coffee plantations are owned by the Sánchez Serrano family, and after the owner lost his life , the patriarch of the family (Don Lorenzo Sánchez Serrano), at the wake « Paloma » meets one of his grandchildren, Diego Sánchez Serrano and falls in love with him, who in turn corresponds to him.

And finally, Distilling Love, produced by Nicandro Díaz for Televisa under license from Canal RCN, in 2007, which was broadcast during prime time on El Canal de las Estrellas.

Starring the former first lady, Angélica Rivera and Eduardo Yáñez; with the antagonistic participations of Sergio Sendel, Chantal Andere, Martha Julia, Julio Camejo and Olivia Bucio, it also features the stellar performances by Ana Patricia Rojo, Fernanda Castillo, and the first actors Ana Martin, Alejandro Tommasi and Martha Roth, and the performances specials by René Strickler, Patricia Manterola and the first actor Joaquín Cordero.

It is an adaptation by Kary Fajer of the second Mexican version of Café, with the scent of a woman, an RCN soap opera from Colombia of love and intrigue in the atmosphere of the Colombian coffee tradition, however, for this third version, after When you are mine , Televisa put one of its most famous products, tequila, as the plot line.

And the story, they already know it, and it depends on the taste of each person to know which story is better, however, it is well known that the latter has even been much more successful than the Colombian original.