Dissident opposition is organized to go to a presidential election in 2024

. / Miguel Gutiérrez

Timoteo Zambrano, deputy to the Chavista Parliament, said that the dissident opposition is organizing to participate in presidential elections in 2024. By then, Nicolás Maduro would serve six more years in power since his supposed election in the process carried out in 2018.

“We are working for a presidential election for 2024. Falling into the mistakes of the past doesn’t make any sense“, Said Zambrano during an interview with the journalist Ernesto Villegas, Minister of Culture of the Nicolás Maduro regime.

The dissident parliamentarian also stated that it was participation in legislative legislation is essential of last December 6 because the duality of powers in the country had to be annulled.

« If that didn’t happen, it was practically impossible to advance in a dialogued, negotiated solution. The duality absolutely stalled this country, « he said.

Zambrano’s statements would then announce that the dissident opposition does not plan to collect signatures in January 2022 for a recall referendum. Maduro himself has used this card to motivate his detractors to participate in the questioned electoral processes called.

“The opposition can collect the signatures of the recall referendum in 2022, right? On January 10, 2019 I was sworn in. On January 10, 2022 they can go out to collect the signatures, request authorization and do everything concerning that right, ”Maduro said on one occasion.