Disrespectful passengers on airplanes: fines this year already exceed $ 560,000

For some reason airline passengers are taking conflicting attitudes that have caused countless unpleasant experiences for airline crews in the United States.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is already cracking down on this class of passengers, announcing on Tuesday $ 124,500 in fines for eight passengers who refused to wear a mask, drank their own beverage on airplanes or they attacked the flight attendants, reported Fox Business.

With that sum, the total rises to $ 563,800 in fines that the FAA has distributed this year against dozens of passengers..

According to the information, the agency received up to 3,100 reports of unruly behavior in 2021, of which 2,350 cases were related to passengers who refused to wear face masks despite knowing that there are health protocols to follow.

Among the reported incidents are that of a Southwest Airlines passenger who repeatedly refused to wear a mask. A customer service supervisor tried to escort him off the plane and the passenger hit him on the jaw.

On May 14, authorities issued a reminder that Americans must still wear a mask on airplanes and any other form of public transportation, even if they have their full vaccination schedule.

Another case was that of a passenger who freaked out because his flight from Arizona to Mexico was delayed due to bad weather. He began to hit the roof of the plane and hit a nearby passenger on the shoulder, so the police had to escort him out of the plane.

The fines imposed are in response to the zero tolerance policy that the FAA announced earlier this year due to a “disturbing increase in incidents in which airline passengers have disrupted flights with threatening or violent behavior.”

Faced with the alarming problem, Airlines 4 America, a coalition of US airlines, sent a letter that reads: “We respectfully request that the FAA refer abominable cases to the Department of Justice (DOJ) so that the federal government can publicly prosecute , fully and quickly, criminal acts to the extent permitted by law and deter this dangerous and worrying behavior.

The FAA has the authority to issue civil fines, but cannot criminally prosecute unruly passengers.

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