Disorder and lack of rules cause shortage of medicines, warns ASF

The Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) detected that the delay in the acquisition and consolidated purchase of medicines for the health sector was due to the lack of rules, market studies, prices and lack of coordination between agencies at the beginning of the current government.

In the results of the audits of the Public Account 2019 – the first year of the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador – he warns that “the deficiencies detected in the general regulations put at risk the adequate regulation to carry out consolidated acquisitions, specifically of medicines , because the regulations were not consistent in their powers and attributions, and the duplication of functions was observed on the part of the secretariats involved, so it is necessary to define the person responsible for the procedures ”.

This weekend, the ASF presented the third and last package of results of the audits, with an amount of 67 thousand 498 million pesos to be verified in all sectors, governments and autonomous powers, which complete a total of 98 thousand 974 million of pesos in irregularities throughout the year. The auditor, David Colmenares, concluded that there was a “limited” collaboration of the Executive departments in matters of transparency.

From the Ministry of Health, it found that “in the consolidation agreement for the acquisition of medicines in the tender LA012000991-E82-2019 of the Ministry of Health, dated May 3, 2019, it was established that the participating public institutions will support Salud in the activities for the execution of contracting procedures that are celebrated While in the agreement for the consolidated procurement of medicines with the tenders LA006000993-E4-2019 and LA-006000993-E5-2019 of the Treasury, of October 16, 2019, it indicated that the participating public institutions will support the SHCP in the activities that requires them in the execution of the contract ”.

“However, it did not define the processes it carried out for the follow-up and evaluation of the consolidated acquisitions,” he highlighted. “Regarding the specific regulations, the deficiencies in the regulation put at risk the adequate implementation for the consolidated acquisition of medicines corresponding to the LA-012000991-E82-2019 tender, because no specific regulations were issued that allowed the agencies and participating entities comply with the provisions ”, added the report.

It was stated that although Health has accredited the development of the market research for the consolidated contracting of therapeutic goods (medicines, healing materials, radiological and laboratory materials) for Fiscal Year 2019 (second semester), “it lacked a methodology for the analysis of the information on quotations and prices, as well as mechanisms for evaluating the utility and contribution to ensure the best purchasing conditions ”.

He explained that in the fourth quarter of 2019, Health reported the completion of 1,500 contracts, for an amount of 1,420 million 113 thousand 800 pesos, of which 65 corresponded to the public bidding procedure, with a total amount awarded of 648 million 479 thousand 400 pesos; 69.1 percent (694) refer to direct awards, with an amount of 28 million 53 thousand 200 pesos.

0.7 percent (eight) corresponded to an invitation to at least three people, with an amount of 170 million 910 thousand 600 pesos; while 18.3 percent (184) were contracts with other agencies and entities, for 572 million 670 thousand 200 pesos.

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