Visitors with masks came to Shanghai Disneyland on Monday for the
reopening of China’s most prominent theme park, a new step for
get out of the coronavirus restrictions that paralyzed the economy

The park, which closed on January 25, will limit the
number of visitors and will keep some attractions closed to meet the
social distancing guidelines.

A 42-year-old man was arrested and charged with trespassing on private property in Florida.

Body temperature was checked at
visitors, many wearing Mickey Mouse ears and children in costume
like movie characters. Stickers were used to mark the distance
safe between visitors.

China, where the pandemic started in December,
It was the first economy to close and the first to reopen, in early March.
Factories and shops have opened, but cinemas, karaoke rooms, gyms
and other businesses remain closed.

The cost is around $ 20 for a package of four units.

The country reported on Monday another increase in
number of coronavirus cases, among government warnings that people
“Stay alert and increase your personal protection against the virus.”

Mi Feng, spokesperson for the National Commission of
Health, made that recommendation when reporting 17 new cases, above the 14
the day before, the first day with more than 9 new cases.

Disney employees suspended without pay.

Of the 17 new cases, seven were described
like imported and five were in the city of Wugan where last month they
he placed a strict quarantine.

At a press conference on Sunday, Mi
insisted that people avoid social gatherings and “seek medical attention or
tests at designated hospitals if they show symptoms like fever, cough, or

However, Beijing sent 82,000 middle school juniors back to class on Monday to prepare for their high school entrance exams.

Also on Monday, the National Health Commission
said there had been no new deaths from COVID-19, extending the streak
almost a month. In addition, 141 people remained hospitalized to receive

Another 783 were isolated and under observation as
suspected cases or for testing positive without showing

China has reported 4,633 deaths from the virus, out of 82,918 cases.