It is the second Disney theme park worldwide to reopen its doors after the pandemic

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Hong Kong.- Disneyland hong kong It reopened its doors to the public today after being closed for six months by the pandemic of coronavirus, making it the second theme park of the firm, after that of Shanghai, to resume activity around the world.

The park has been closed since the last week of January, although its hotels have been open at all times and some restaurants had already reopened in May.

The theme park has reopened with limited capacity – you must also make a prior reservation – and with security measures such as maintaining the safety distance, the mandatory use of face masks and temperature controls for visitors and employees.

« We welcome visitors carefully. We will build on what we learned from the recent reopening of Disneyland Shanghai and Disney Springs. We will implement new and improved prevention measures from the local government and health authorities, » said one of the officials responsible for the park, Stephanie Young, at the park’s reopening ceremony.

Tickets on sale online, priced from $ 80 per person per day, sold out within hours.

Disney Park Hong KongLike the one in Shanghai, it closed on January 25, two days after China closed the Chinese city of Wuhan and put millions of people in isolation to try to contain the spread of the virus.

The one in Tokyo also closed in February and the ones in Europe and the United States closed in March.

In addition to Disneyland hong kong, the city has also allowed the reopening from another theme park, Ocean Park, whose tickets have already been sold out for the first few weekends.

The government of Hong Kong will reduce, starting this Friday, some of the prevention measures taken against the coronavirus, which particularly affect bars, restaurants and nightclubs, and will allow public gatherings of up to 50 people.

The secretary of Health of the former British colony, Sophia Chan, announced last Tuesday a new round of « flexibilization » of the measures introduced to combat the COVID-19 in the hope of « restoring greater social and economic activity » in the city.

The Hong Kong health authority reported today 8 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of infections since the pandemic it amounts to 1,120 people, of whom four have died.