Disneyland and its other parks could measure the temperature of its visitors | Instagram

Disney parks around the world could start to take the temperature of all your visitors once they open their doors after having closed them all since the beginning of March.

Bob Iger, communicated earlier today that the company will take advantage this time that you have your doors closed to improve your efficiency and also study the implementation of measures so that your visitors feel completely safe.

One of the steps they could take is measure temperature to be able to access their part once they are opened again.

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In this way, he informed that fortunately the company has enough liquidity to survive for a while, but obviously not forever.

Bob spoke of the situation that Disney is in to Barron’s financial magazine and expressed that the company is lucky to have enough capital to stay afloat and help their employees, even though they made cost-cutting decisions in order to make up for what they’ve lost.

Iger himself resigned recently to your salary for the duration of the pandemic, by just like other executives who gave up part of their salary.

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Unfortunately Walt Disney has been one of the companies that have suffered the most damage and it has undergone very notable changes in its functioning due to the crisis worldwide.

That is why since the beginning of the month of March started to close their parks found in different parts of the world and had to delay in the same way some of their series and films.

On the other hand, its sports channel, ESPN is also faced with certain problems in the industry because he had to suspend your events and its advertising fell noticeably.

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Fortunately Disney +, the company’s streaming platform, has had more profit during these last weeks.

We are optimistic, but also realistic. We have long-term faith in our brands and businesses. We know that historically they have been a place to go for people, be it a park, a movie, or the sports channel, that helps people enjoy their lives and be distracted from their problems, “said Bob.

With respect to reopening of its parks are considering the best measures so that people feel safe to attend so there is no vaccine to stop the outbreak.

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In the same way that we now review the backpacks, perhaps in the near future we should check the temperature of the people, “added Iger.

Apparently it is planned that from 11 of September the doors of their offices and perhaps of their park will be able to be opened again.

After September 11, people assume that to enter an office building you have to show an ID or have your photo taken or that to enter any theme park you have to go through a metal detector, “said the CEO.