Disney, the world’s largest entertainment company, has repeatedly disappointed the audience sector that hoped to find an LGTBI + character in their stories. Arguably, such disappointments had already occurred at three specific moments in his film productions: the appearance of two mothers pushing a baby carriage as a bulge in Finding Dory (2016), Lefou’s (Josh Gad) homosexuality in La Beauty and the Beast (2017), which had to be caught with tweezers, and the fact of leaving Elsa from Frozen single instead of pairing her with a woman, as many expected.

The queer community already proposed in its day “a girlfriend for Elsa” (Frozen: The Ice Kingdom, 2013) after seeing the young woman with icy powers an allegory of feeling “in the closet” and her subsequent release. Both she and her song Let it go became LGTBI + icons. These are examples of Disney’s attempts to include diversity in its products, which have never been so visual and evident as in the short we are talking about today.

It is already available on the Disney + platform, and it is the animated short film Out, which in Spanish is translated as Exit. This title, which refers to the expression “come out of the closet,” is directed and written by Steven Clay Hunter and is part of Pixar’s Sparkshorts program – launched by studio president Jim Morris and producer Lindsey Collins, to search for new talents in animation.

This small step for Pixar is a great leap for the collective, which can enjoy ten minutes starring a homosexual man. This is something that has not happened in the three decades of history of the animation studio, much less in the time that Disney has reigned.

Out tells the story of a man named Greg who is about to move into an apartment in the big city with his boyfriend, Manuel. However, Greg has not confessed to his parents that he is gay. Despite having everything under control – apparently – the young man’s parents show up at his house ready to help him with the move. Manuel hides quickly, but not before telling his boyfriend that he wants to end so much secrecy.


‘Hamilton’, the Broadway musical to be released on Disney +

This short film represents a great step in the mouse industry for those fans who have spent years asking for the appearance of an LGTBI + character in one of their feature films, and is also an example of equality for all children and also for adults who watch their films. .

With the launch of the Disney + platform, the company has taken the opportunity to include LGTBI + plots among its series, as is the case of High School Musical: The series the musical with a lesbian couple, or the bisexual character of the animated series Star vs . The forces of evil. Another example that hit theaters before landing at Disney + is the recent Onward (Dan Scanlon, 2020), where Cyclops Inspector Specter talks about his girlfriend in a dialogue.

In this way, Disney gradually opens up to sexual diversity with stories that a few years ago would have been unthinkable, and which are still censored in countries like Russia today.