Disney Plus won’t change streaming for this reason

Today is the day. Disney Plus finally reaches the Mexican market and does so in the midst of a time when growth expectations for this service are especially high.

The success of this platform was particularly guaranteed by having in its ranks two especially loyal audiences: followers of great sagas such as Marvel and Star Wars.

One year after its launch, Disney Plus already has 73 million users worldwide, a figure that although it is below Netflix (183 million users) Prime Video (150 million users, has grown steadily in recent years twelve months.

A year later, its number of subscribers is 73 million around the world, a figure that has nevertheless been growing at the level of large launches and mostly -all indicates- that with annual plans. With these figures, the Disney platform is only below Prime Video (150 million users) and Netflix (183).

What is in the middle is the growth speed of the platform. A recent report on the behavior of the platform, in which the company indicated that Disney Plus would have exceeded the 50 million subscribers globally, he was already aware of the matter.

And although the figure seemed little when compared to the millions of subscribers that Netflix has, it can be said that it is only a quarter, the truth is that it reached them in less than half a year and grew in 22 million subscribers in just two months.

This meant, at that time, that in about 6 months, Disney Plus has managed to get 27 percent of the users that Netflix owns, after almost 13 years in the market.

Now the moment when Disney will reach the key figure of 150 million users seems to have an arrival date.

At least Brett Feldma, managing director of Goldman Sachs, indicated that it would be around 2025 when Walt Disney could reach up to 150 million subscribers in its streaming service.

The projections have all the sustenance. A recent study delivered by JustWatch indicates that in Spain, for example, just 2 weeks after its launch, Disney + obtained a 4 percent share among JustWatch users, in addition to gaining 15 percent of the interest that audiences they have for Netflix.

The trend is repeated in markets like the United States. Disney + is the streaming platform with the highest growth in that market with a 212 percent advance in subscribers, a figure that is well below the 47 percent registered for Netflix.

The truth is that despite this sustained growth, the arrival of Disney Plus not only

Mexico but the whole world could not be a radical change for the streaming world.

In fact, it is a service that could soon adopt Netflix’s growth plans and strategy, the market benchmark that is currently suffering from a content crisis.

The consulting firm Antenna has published a report in which it alerts about the moments in which the platform was able to acquire these glorious 75 million users and, in the same way that it happens with other similar services, the peaks are registered before a call to attention punctual as the premiere of Mulán, the arrival of Hamilton or some other productions.

Although Disney Plus could have the muscle to generate content and maintain this trend of peaks, the truth is nothing is said about it; However, the only thing that can be said is that the arrival of Disney Plus will not change to streaming, its growth model seems to be the same as that of its competitors.

However, what will take a new approach will be the film industry. From now on, each title signed by the house of Mickey Mouse will be analyzed in a particular way to determine if it is better to launch it through its streaming platform or in theaters. The rooms will no longer be the default option for the production house in a way to maintain and grow their newest business.